Are you a recovered COVID patient?

Your plasma has the ability to heal others.
If you want to help in saving lives of people suffering from COVID19, please register on the portal below:

How to use the portal for donor registration ?

❱ Login into this Portal for registration.

❱ Enter your mobile number to receive OTP and then verify it.

❱ After verifying OTP, carefully read Terms and Conditions and then click on Agree and Continue.

❱ Now fill your details in the portal, questions marked with * (asterisk) are mandatory, and submit your details.

❱ Now, you are successfully registered as a donor and we shall contact you via SMS, whenever your contribution is required.

Note: * The details are required to assess basic eligibility for donating plasma.

Who is an eligible donor?

❱ Recovered COVID Patients

❱ Age 18-60 years; Weight>50 kg

❱ All Males; Females who have never been pregnant

❱ After 14 days of last symptom in the symptomatic patients

❱ After 14 days of first positive COVID test in asymptomatic patients

❱ After 14 days of last plasma donation

Note: * The eligibility criteria may differ slightly according to the hospital protocol which will be considered by the blood bank before donation.

Frequently Asked Questions!

❱ Can only COVID recovered patients register on the portal?


❱ Am I eligible to donate plasma?

Please refer to our Eligibility section

❱ I have recovered from COVID but it has not been 14 days since the last symptoms?

You do not need to wait till the completion of 14 days. You can register with us right away. Your account will remain inactive for 14 days since the last symptom after which we will activate it and you will begin to receive requests for donation if it is needed by a patient in your vicinity.

❱ I have already donated plasma earlier. Can I donate plasma again?

Yes, you can donate plasma every 14 days without any adverse effects. Once you indicate to us that you have donated plasma, your account will be inactivated for the next 14 days during which you won’t receive requests for donation. After 14 days it will be reactivated again and you will begin to receive requests again.

❱ Is plasma donation different from blood donation?

Yes, unlike blood donation where whole blood is collected and stored, plasma is extracted from the blood by using special equipment and the remaining components of blood are returned to the donor’s body. So, plasma donation can be made every 2 weeks unlike blood donation where a donor has to wait longer before donating again.

❱ Will my identity be revealed to the patient or anyone else?

No, your identity will not be revealed by us to the patient or the blood bank.

❱ Where will I have to go to donate?

The blood bank of the hospital where a COVID19 patient is in need of your plasma. The details of the hospital/blood bank will be sent to you over SMS.

❱ Will I have to travel outside my city?

No, currently the services are limited to include prospective donors of only the city from where we receive the request for plasma.

❱ What is the last symptomatic date?

The date when you last suffered from any symptom related to COVID19 like fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat etc. You can donate plasma after 14 days from the last date when you had symptoms.
You can still donate plasma if you have symptoms of loss of taste and smell. There is no need to wait for resolution of these symptoms.

❱ What is Patient ID?

This is relevant if you had been admitted at a hospital when you were diagnosed with COVID19. This is the unique ID that your hospital must have given you at the time of admission. It can usually be found in the discharge summary.

❱ What if I am not available to go to the blood bank when I receive the request?

You will be asked about your availability to reach the blood bank within a stipulated time and you can accept or decline the request accordingly. You can decline it for once or you can also delete your profile if you are no longer willing to donate.

❱ What if I no longer wish to donate plasma?

You can delete your profile from our portal in case you do not wish to donate plasma

❱ Is there any money involved?

No. Donation of blood or blood products for a monetary return is prohibited by law in India and is a punishable offence. We strongly condemn any such practice. In case you are found guilty of such an offence, you are liable to prosecution.

❱ Will I receive transport charges?

We are a non-profit organization and can not support the transportation charges currently. However, if sufficient funds are generated we will be happy to remunerate for transportation in future.
To help us in raising funds kindly go to our donation Portal

❱ I am not a recovered covid patient. How can I help?

Yes, you can help us in many ways by supporting us in this endeavour.
If you wish to volunteer to work with us in this project and give your valuable inputs, fill the Google Form
We would be highly grateful for your suggestions to improve this platform. To make suggestions, kindly fill this Google Form
You can also help us raise funds to continue our work and keep this endeavour going. To make donation, kindly go to our donation Portal.